MagicaVoxel 0.99.3 Photospheres

@Ephtracy has just released another beta, and among some fantastic new features is the ability to render equirectangular “photosphere” images.

A photosphere of my flat, minus the clutter. And filth.

I have used Eihort to render some Minecraft photospheres, and I had attempted doing this myself with MagicaVoxel, by rendering two 180° images and trying to stitch them together with some Photoshop plugins, always with unsatisfactory results. I spent almost as much time wishing @Ephtracy would just include a few lines of code to allow this as I did jumping through all those hoops.

Then he started posting teasers for 0.99.3:

…and I did my Snoopy dance. Less than three weeks later and I’m revisiting some of my old works to render these. I can’t wait to see what the MV community comes up with for this format.